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We're spring loaded...

On the programme on August 27th...

In the Beechgrove Garden Jim and Carole are waging war on pests and take on 4 baddies that we encounter regularly in Beechgrove; vine weevil, whitefly, slugs and snails. They identify the pest and its symptoms and recommend a few cures. Jim also takes a look at his annual climbers. 

Jim and Carole also show how to take care of the many hedges around the garden from the native to the evergreen and the deciduous. 

Chris is back with his new build couple, Jenny and Euan MacLean in Linlithgow. After months of work from Jenny and Euan their winner of the worst ever site for a garden has turned into a stunning dream garden to match their lovely new home. This is Chris’ final visit and this time it’s the finishing touches, the fun bit, the planting. 

George visits Monteviot Garden near Jedburgh. This stunning 30 acre garden surrounds the house and spills out through richly planted garden rooms down to the river Teviot below.  


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Programme 19 - Hedges

Carole and Jim take a look at different hedges around the garden: hornbeam, lonicera and pleached lime