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We're spring loaded...

Beechgrove will be back on your screens from Thursday 2nd April at 19.30 on BBC2 Scotland and on Sunday mornings on BBC 2 network.

On the programme on 2nd April...

Beechgrove is back! Spring loaded and raring to grow.  The sun always shines in Beechgrove but how has the sunniest winter since records began affected growing conditions? Jim McColl, Carole Baxter, George Anderson and Chris Beardshaw find out.  

Carole and Jim know that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones but there is an air of competition as they take on neighbouring greenhouses and pack them full of food and flowers all year round.  

George visits the Scottish Rock Garden Club’s show in Kincardine. Who has grown the best bulbs, perfect primula or the iconic iris and how?

Gardening lights up our lives but in Glasgow Botanic Gardens they have taken that to a new level.  George experiences the eerie elegance of the Electric Gardens.  


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Programme 24 - Layering Bulbs

Carole gives her recipe for months of spring colour by layering bulbs in a big pot.