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This week...

The Beechgrove Garden is a blaze of early autumn colour and Jim and Carole show off some of the very best for this time of year from dahlias to hydrangeas. There is however a smell of autumn in the air and Jim decides to take his precious camellias back inside after their summer holiday out.

Scone Palace Gardens are overrun with rabbits and deer. At the start of the series, we saw Head Gardener at Scone, Brain Cunningham, setting up an observation to see what methods if any work to deter and to find out if there really are rabbit proof plants. This week Brian pulls a rabbit out of a hat with some surprising results.

Brian also takes us on a tour of the newly refurbished Scone Palace Gardens and in particular the new Kitchen Garden.




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Programme 24 - autumn in the garden

Carole takes a look at the autumn colours around the garden