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Beechgrove Garden is here for another colourful season



In the Beechgrove garden, Carole takes a look at and tastes both peas that are sweet and sweet peas. Carole has been running an observation on varieties of peas and their support systems and it's time for harvest and analysis.

George returns to his roots as he visits Athelstaneford village near North Berwick. 12 village gardens are gearing up for an open day and George takes a tour around as many gardens as he can.

Jim concludes his search as how to grow a gardener. This week Jim visits Douneside House at Tarland to meet Head Gardener, Stephen McCallum who leads a progressive horticulture apprenticeship scheme in among the stunning surroundings of Douneside House gardens.



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Programme 17 - weeping standard roses

Chris reviews the weeping standard roses that he planted a year ago