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Jim & George - Glass House Four on a bench Carole & George Gardening Salad JM & GA at stepps gate Wet Pond Net Jin & Chris

Spring is here!

Beechgrove Garden is here for another colourful season




In the Beechgrove Garden, Jim and George are planning for jam tomorrow as Jim sorts out the blackberries while George is a wee bit more exotic, tends to the fig and the vine. 

In Garden on a Budget, Carole is with Mieke Guijt and family in rural Kennethmont helping mould a garden out of almost nothing. This week, they create a garden table from an old tree stump and plant some edible flowers. 

Jim is concerned that gardening is not offered as a career choice for young people. In a mission to find How to Grow a Gardener, Jim visits the enlightened Breadalbane Academy in Aberfeldy who have practical gardening on the curriculum as well as a beautiful community garden to show for it.





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BG2016 PROG 13 - repotting the sarracenia

On a lovely Scottish summers day...George was in the soon to be revamped bog garden potting up some Sarracenias.