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We're spring loaded...

On the programme on September 3rd...

Jim is on his own in the garden this week and he’s making the most of it taking on all his special subjects including monitoring the progress (or lack of it) of the tomatoes and reviewing his hydrangea pruning observation to see which of his 3 methods of pruning is working best and flowering most at the moment.  

Carole and George are helping out with the last stages of the creation of a new community garden with the good folk of Inverbervie. The ‘Brighter Bervie’ group have making the Angus coastal village a brighter place with flowers for years now.  The new community garden will be the central feature and cherry on the top to a garden trail around the village designed for locals to enjoy as a florific community space and to have tourists stop and take time in the village. 

The new community garden is right in the centre of the village, in the old manse garden. Appropriately it has a strong theme of the Voyage of Life with all the many stages of life being represented by different garden areas and planting themes.  For example the angsty teenage years are marked with clashing colours. 

Carole and George will track the progress of the community’s efforts and help hopefully finish the garden. 


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Programme 20 - Hydrangeas

Jim takes a look at the hydrangeas he pruned back in spring and compares how the different pruning methods have affected the flowering of the plants