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This week...

When is a turnip not a turnip? When it’s a swede or a neep. There is a huge range of summer turnips now available and Jim is planting a selection to try later in the year. Meanwhile Carole is growing a range of red cabbage said to be bred for their sweetness as well as attractiveness.

Carole is in Ardersier starting a new strand, Vegetable Garden on a Budget. Mari Reid lives and gardens in Ardersier. Her own garden is packed full of plants and tiny so that Mari and young family don’t have any room for growing veg. Mari has come up with a clever way of overcoming this by a very community minded land or garden share. Rosemary’s garden is right on the water’s edge and has become too much for her to cope with. Mari stepped in to take over an area of it for veg growing. Rosemary has her garden looking good and has enough veg for herself and for Mari’s young family. It’s a win, win for both parties.

Recent research suggests that we could all save roughly £1,500 a year for a family of 4 by growing our own. Mari and Carole are also teaching Mary and young family how to grow her own with Carole’s help and they do this together on a very tight budget; saving seeds, sharing plants, recycling and upcycling to create a veg garden that is both pretty and productive and has cost them virtually nothing but some time.


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Programme 5 - propagation

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