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We're spring loaded...

Beechgrove Garden is away for three weeks, but we will be back on your screens on Friday, 24 July!



On the programme on the 25th June...

In the Beechgrove Garden, Jim and George are in the fruit cage while Carole starts off new collections of odd aubergines and small sweet peppers. Both collections are mini and multi-coloured.

Staying on the small scale, George is also back in his ‘square metre’ plot attempting to be constantly productive in the tiniest space.

Jim and Carole are neighbours again in their side by side domestic greenhouses. Both greenhouses are now packed to the vents but with very different results. 

New to gardening with a new home and new site for a garden or new to gardening with an old home and mature garden? This week we have something for all new gardeners. Newbies and Oldies? Chris is in mid build of new garden for Euan and Jenny MacLean in Linlithgow trying to take a nightmare site and turn it into a dream garden. Meanwhile Carole is with Mark and Aileen Snowden in Newport on Tay who have inherited a more mature garden and Carole is helping them tame it and also make it into their very different dream garden. 


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Programme 13 - Chillies, Peppers & Aubergines

Carole is at the Rhino greenhouse where she’s looking at a variety of chillies, sweet peppers and aubergines