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Jim & George - Glass House Four on a bench Carole & George Gardening Salad JM & GA at stepps gate Wet Pond Net Jin & Chris

Spring is here!

Beechgrove Garden is here for another colourful season




In the Beechgrove garden, Jim is hoping that the soil is now warm enough to plant tatties in the main veggie plot, meanwhile on the decking garden, Carole is also planting tatties on a tiny scale. 

Chris and Carole are going on very different fungal forays in Beechgrove this year. Chris is creating a whole Jurassic Park fungal valley with ancient timbers and all manner of edible mushrooms. Again on the other end of the scale, Carole tries out some windowsill mushroom growing kits. 

George visits Alan Shamash’s impressive hillside garden full of an extensive collection of rhododendrons in Kirkcudbright.





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Programme 5 - Windowsill gardening 1

Carole is starting a windowsill garden, and this week she is looking at growing seeds in containers