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Programme Clippings

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Programme 1 - Re-potting seedlings

Jim is back in the greenhouse re-potting seedlings. He gives some tips for success with the young plants. An archive flashback with Jim and George Barron shows that not much has changed in the world of re-potting seedlings.

Programme 26 - autumn jobs

The last episode of the season is here, but Jim, Carole, George, Chris and Brian have prepared a whole bucketful of autumn tips

Programme 25 - Roadshow in Oldmeldrum

Horticulturally philosophical contemplations

Programme 24 - autumn in the garden

Carole takes a look at the autumn colours around the garden

Programme 23 - main veg plot update

Jim and George keep tabs on the main veg plot

Programme 22 - Roadshow in Cupar

Chestnut tree… roughly Jim’s size

Programme 21 - working in pond

Chris has been put in his waders again as there's more pond work to be done

Programme 20 - handy hints

Jim has more tips for growing great onions while Chris contains some unruly roses

Programme 19 - Roadshow in Arbuthnott

Question and answer session in Arbuthnott

Programme 18 - taste test

Tangy tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers and sweet squashes