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Programme Clippings

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Programme 10 - Pruning the Pines

Chris Beardshaw is tending to the Beechgrove pines. He is using techniques and ideas from the Japanese Cloud Pruning.

Programme 9 - Beechgrove in the Fair City of Perth

The presenters discuss the rich horticultural and botanical history of Perth.

Programme 8 - George is back in his small space garden

George is finally back in his small space garden, looking at what veg he is growing this year and how they are getting on.

Programme 7 - This year’s vegetable trials

Carole walks us through the different trials and varieties of vegetables that will be grown in the garden this year. 

Programme 6 - TLC for the Cherry tree

An archive clip with George Barron tending to the grape vine and in the present day, Jim is in the fruit house giving the Cherry ‘Sweetheart’ some much needed attention in hopes of a good yield.

Programme 5 - Springtime lawn care

With a dip into the Beechgrove archive, together with a clip from present day, we get down to some important springtime lawn business.

Programme 4 - Jim’s Strawberry tips from 1987

In this clip from the Beechgrove archive, Jim shares some handy strawberry tips that still ring true to this day.

Programme 3 - Spring potting in the 6x8

Carole is in the 6x8 showing her favourite amaryllis, as well as an archive clip with Jim’s best tips on how to best take care of them. Carole also shows what other things she is growing in her greenhouse this year.

Programme 2 - Planting Ruby themed tatties

Brian and Jim are in the main vegetable plot planting this year’s first tatties. Staying with the Ruby theme, they are planting red varieties, though neither of them seems very sure what the outcome will be.

Programme 1 - Re-potting seedlings

Jim is back in the greenhouse re-potting seedlings. He gives some tips for success with the young plants. An archive flashback with Jim and George Barron shows that not much has changed in the world of re-potting seedlings.