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Programme Prunings

Unfortunately not everything we film always makes it into Beechgrove's final cut. We have set up this page so that no insights and tips from our presenters get lost.


April 2014

Carole is planting potatoes in pots, Jim attempts to have an extended new potato harvest , and George gives a planting design tip.


May 2014

Jim demonstrates how to care for indoor cherry trees after flowering, Carole gives a False Solomon’s Seal a new lease of life in the Stumpery, and George shows us some beautiful woodland bulbs.

Chris shows Andrew Robertson at the new builds how to plant and care for summer and autumn fruiting raspberries.

Carole is potting up hanging baskets to bulk up ready to go outside at end of May and trying out new jumbo plug plants.


June 2014

We caught up with the Gardeners' Question Time panel after recording to hear the advice they were giving local gardeners.