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Programme 5 - 23rd May at 20:00 on the new BBC Scotland channel. If you don't have the channel you can still watch the programme live on BBC iPlayer. You can also watch the programme on Sunday 26th May at 09:30 on BBC TWO Network.

From the large pond to a tiny puddle, having a pond in your garden is a source of pleasure for humans and is a haven for wildlife.

The wellies and waders are firmly on this week in Beechgrove as Carole, George and Brian are all playing in the ponds. Carole tackles the sticky problem of blanket weed in the main pond, George dredges and renews the wildlife pond and Brian creates a tiny, low-maintenance burble pool.

Carole also visits Alasdair and Carole Maclean, who live on the edge of Nairn in a bungalow surrounded by a garden they have created over 20 years. In it, they have amassed a collection of over 100 colourful rhododendrons, many of which they raised themselves from seed and cuttings.

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