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Programme 12 - 22nd Aug at 8pm on BBC Scotland and Sunday 25th at 8:30am on BBC TWO

It is buzzing in Beechgrove as Brian and ‘butterfly man’ Anthony McCluskey attempt to count the butterflies in Brian’s no-mow meadow.

George takes a look at the summer bedding flower display. Meanwhile Carole starts sowing over wintering veg. Kirsty shows how to create a permanent, evergreen hanging basket - a succulent sphere that can hang indoors or out.

Vera and Jimmy Chisolm have gardened on the edge of Nairn for 38 years and they have created an award-winning Scottish cottage garden with views towards the beautiful Cawdor Hills. Carole goes to take a look.

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White Clematis with Physocarpus diabolo

George shows off a beautiful plant combination at Beechgrove.