How did you get into gardening and showing? 

 I got into gardening as a young lad encouraged by all my Family but mainly by my Gran and Grandad. I can remember helping my Grandad in the garden especially cutting the grass I would be running behind him with my toy lawnmower. We also use to watch Ground Force all the time.

 I started showing at the age of 15, but it all started a year before, myself and my Grandad were out in the car in Leven and we passed our local hall and I asked Grandad what was happening over there. He said the Leven Flower Show and from then I was hooked did my research and was ready to give the oldies a run for their money. I wanted to do more than just grow for the kitchen table.

I started watching Beechgrove around 10 years ago and still can’t believe I am now a part of the team. I hope to inspire my generation and younger people to not just grow but to show.

What are your gardening likes and dislikes?

I love watching something come from nothing, being there from day 1 planting to the harvest #SeedToShow. Gardening is my relaxation time and I get to do it with my family. There is nothing more enjoyable than growing seed or plant from something small to something giant and hopefully prize-winning.

With the number of plants I grow, there is a lot of tying up to do, this can be quite monotonous but hey ho got to get it done and it's all worth it come show day especially if you win.

What are your most/least favourite plants?

For me, I love growing carrots and it's where show growing started for me. I enjoy the surprise on the day of staging for the show when you go to harvest them, as you don’t know how they are going to look. The tops may look great but you never know what’s below.

When it comes to flowers, Dahlias are my favourite. You get out of them what you put in. I have come to love sweet peas, especially my fellow Fifer Sir Jimmy Shand. But with George's help, I'm currently loving spring bulbs which I am going to show next year (hopefully). Least favourite is a tough choice but I've got to say, Busy Lizzys are just not for me.

What is your home garden like?

During lockdown we actually did our family garden up, It's low maintenance with a lot of social space along with raised beds. I have a 6x4 greenhouse where it all happens in the spring and then in summer for pot plants and tomatoes. The Allotment for me is my pride and joy. It is 52 feet x 24 feet. I have had the plot since the site first opened in 2018 and I need to watch out for the WWII stuff. My polytunnel is 20x12feet and I think one of the best purchases I have ever made. I grow fruit, flowers and veg all for the show bench and family BBQs.

What do you do outside of The Beechgrove Garden?

Outside of Beechgrove, I am a rugby coach, but as well as that, I love nothing more than spending time with my Family and eating cake, I am also a keen golfer and all-around sportsman. Many will know that I am a big supporter of the mighty Tangerines which I am a season ticker holder with Dundee United, following them up and down the country. So if I'm not at the Allotment I am at Tannadice #TangerineDream