Close by the entrance to the conservatory lies our sunny terrace garden where many of the plants from the conservatory spend their summer holidays.

Plants like the camellias, citrus collection and standard fuchsias are moved on to the terrace in June. They do much better out in the fresh air during the summer as the conservatory gets very hot on sunny days.

The terrace is a new garden built in 2013. It was constructed by Philip Blake and his sons, Henry and James, using Woodblocx. These are pre-drilled, pressure-treated wooden blocks, which are locked together with strong plastic dowels – a bit like Lego.

The terrace comprises two raised beds with gravel surfaces for pots to stand on. It is surrounded by a bark path so that Jim can admire the plants from all sides.


Citrus Collection for Conservatory:

Orange ‘Valencia Late’

Lemon verna

Hybrid Lemon ‘Lemonade’

Mandarin ‘Fortune’

Calamondin Orange

Grapefruit ‘Wheeny’

Standard fuchsias:

Royal Velvet double flowers, crimson tube and sepals with a double deep purple corolla marked red.

Paula Jane semi double flowers, rose pink sepals with a semi double dark rose corolla.

Patio Princess double flowers, neon rose sepals and a double white corolla veined rose.  Bronzed tinged foliage.