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We have a new weather station at Beechgrove – see here what it’s like right now in the garden


The temperature was 9.3 C when the latest reading was taken at 21:15 on 29/05/19


Temperature: 9.3 C

Feels Like: 9.3

Windchill: 9.1

High temp: 14.1 ˚C at 8:14

Low temp: 0.9 ˚C at 0:57

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Wind speed: 3.0 mph

Wind direction: 248 ˚

High windspeed: 16.0 mph at 12:24

Current Wind Direction
Current Wind Speed



Rate of current rainfall 0.0 mmph

Total rain today: 0.0 mm

Total rain this month: 85.0 mm

Total rain this year: 202.2 mm

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Monthly Total Rain Yearly Total Rain



Pressure: 1009.4 in

Pressure trend: Falling Slowly

Highest pressure 1016.4 in recorded at 0:05

Lowest pressure 1009.4 in recorded at 16:55

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