Georges Lasagne Bulb Planting

Bargain Border

White Clematis with Physocarpus diabolo

George shows off a beautiful plant combination at Beechgrove.

Snowdrops at Beechgrove

Head Gardener Mairi takes some time to appreciate the snowdrops at Beechgrove.

Basket Handy Hint

Head Gardener Mairi shares a handy hint to keep pesky rabbits at bay. 

June Drop

A timely cherry tip from George. Pip, pip.

Rhododendron care

The rhododendron season is finishing and now it is time for some TLC to make sure that next year's blooms are better than ever.

Variegated Hedge

George shows us how easy it is to stop a variegated hedge from reverting back to its old ways.

Houseplant Seedlings

George shows us how to split this trendy houseplant and make plants for free.

Thinning Out Beetroot Seedlings