Thursdays at 19.00 on BBC TWO Scotland

Porgramme 15 - A trio of walnut queries

Three ladies with three very different questions about walnut trees. 

Programme 14 - Salvia Cuttings and Care with Jim

Jim takes cuttings from Salvias for new plants next year and reveals the advantages of poly bags, propagators and appropriate aftercare.

Programme 13 - Pest and diseases

George and Carole examine and explain the different pests and diseases that are currently making their rounds in our gardens.

Programme 12 - Harvesting Meconopsis Seed

George demonstrates how to harvest and propagate the seeds from a Blue Poppy.

Programme 11 - Carole’s 8 x 6 greenhouse in bloom.

Carole is back in her 8 x 6 greenhouse showing some stunning blooms with a Ruby Anniversary theme.

Programme 10 - Pruning the Pines

Chris Beardshaw is tending to the Beechgrove pines. He is using techniques and ideas from the Japanese Cloud Pruning.

Programme 9 - Beechgrove in the Fair City of Perth

The presenters discuss the rich horticultural and botanical history of Perth.

Programme 8 - George is back in his small space garden

George is finally back in his small space garden, looking at what veg he is growing this year and how they are getting on.

Programme 7 - This year’s vegetable trials

Carole walks us through the different trials and varieties of vegetables that will be grown in the garden this year. 

Programme 6 - TLC for the Cherry tree

An archive clip with George Barron tending to the grape vine and in the present day, Jim is in the fruit house giving the Cherry ‘Sweetheart’ some much needed attention in hopes of a good yield.