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Thinning Out Beetroot Seedlings

Revisiting Hostas

Last year, George split Hosta 'June' and decided to replant in an area where there is lovely early season colour but nothing later on. George revisits his handiwork. 

How to find Beechgrove on iPlayer

A video explaining how to find the latest Beechgrove episode on BBC iPlayer. 

Easter Wreath Making

Coming Soon...

The new Beechgrove series will premiere on the 18th April on the new BBC Scotland channel. 

Programme 24 - Don't just leave the leaves

Jim shows the best way to deal with all the autumn leaves and how your garden can benefit from collecting them.

Programme 23 - Back to our roots in Jim's veg plot

Jim goes back to his roots and shows us how his vegetable plot is looking at this time of the year and how much potential it still has to come.

Programme 22 - Carole's favourite spot in Beechgrove

Carole shares her current favourite part of Beechgrove.

Programme 21 - Tree reviews and sowing green manure

Jim is braving the wind and is checking up on the small trees and stressing the importance sowing green manure in your empty flower beds.

Programme 20 - A wonky tattie question

At the Callander roadshow Q&A session the presenters are faced with a wonky potato plant with some weird growths. George shows that everyday is indeed a school day as he shares the reason behind the growths.