It's all in the name! The Eden is the unheated home to our tender fruits; we grow grape vines, peach and fig. Bliss!

The peach 'Peregrine' was planted in 1999 against the south wall of the glasshouse and has been fan trained against wire netting, that provides handy tying points. It has matured into a beautiful, productive plant; in spring time it produces the most delicate pale blossom with the faintest scent of almond and goes on to produce several hundred ripe, juicy, flavoursome peaches that are greedily appreciated by all.

In the corner next to the peach we have a fig 'Brown Turkey'.  This isn't nearly as attractive as the peach but it more than makes up for this in fruit that it produces.

There are also two grape vines, both producing fruit now, but some years the summer isn't long enough for the grapes to ripen. If we can fit them in, there are a few more grapes to go in.