In 2008, the orchard found a new home and a new purpose. We now call it the Family Orchard.

The orchard (now the Meadow and Old Orchard) was a large area that used to consist of several apple, pear, plum and cherry trees. Next to that was the soft fruit area, including a fruit cage under which we grew fan trained gooseberries and currants, as well as a few rows of raspberries.

However, after about 10 years, Jim wanted to try a new approach to fruit - one that might appeal to more people. The Family Orchard is only a fraction of the old orchard's size so Jim has to be pretty clever to fit as much variety into the new space. To do so, he'll be selecting varieties that have been bred to stay small, as well as using training methods to control the size of other plants. Plus, he plans to take advantage of the wall space that the Family Orchard has and use careful spacing when planting out.

This garden will continue to evolve over the next few years, so watch this space.