How did you get in to gardening?

Gardening came down in the genes. My parents, aunts and uncle were all keen gardeners and my father and an uncle were both market gardeners. I left school little knowing what I would like to do and while I thought that I would like to become a shepherd, I took a job as a Gardener’s Boy. The rest, as they say, is history and after 50+ years I have to say I think that I may have made the right choice.


What are your gardening likes and dislikes?

I love the joy of seeing new seedlings germinating, it is exciting each time. I love seed sowing, propagating plants in straight lines and the scent of well made compost. I dislike bare soil, badly pruned plants and horse tail.

What are your most/least favourite plants?

This is the most difficult question as after so many years telling students how great all plants are (even Bishopweed) I fear I cannot really say there are any I hate or any that are my strong favourites.

Each plant has its place in the garden or landscape. However, I must say I am not too keen on nettles, thistles, dockens and ragwort.


What is your home garden like?

My garden is not a landscaped or designed space it is instead a collection of favourite plants planted set out to provide as much interest as possible throughout the year. My allotment is moderately well kept and is used to provide us with fruit and veg throughout the year.


What do you do outside of The Beechgrove Garden?

I garden, walk, visit gardens, have an interest in wildlife, enjoy salmon and trout fishing and other such country pursuits, grow and show daffodils and I also do occasional talks to interested groups.