Iain and Craig Lambie (David Lambie's two sons from Speyside Heather Centre) built this garden in 2000. We wanted to imitate some of the habitat found on mountainsides where plants grow amongst loose stones and rocks. Iain and Craig used slate to create the effect of loose stone and planted small heathers and very dwarf pines. Later, in 2002 Carole brought in some prostrate willows that have established well and have formed mats of growth across the slate.

The slate used in this garden is a beautiful blue/purple colour and when it is wet (which is quite often) it shines. Underneath it we used a ground fabric to prevent weeds growing through. We planted through the fabric by cutting crosses in it and once the heathers and pines were in we put the slate down. It's not essential that slate is used; other biggish gravel or stones could be used.

This garden requires very little maintenance due to the fabric, gravel and good plant choices made. The colour combinations can be really striking, even though there is little flower. In the spring, the bright new foliage of the various pines really stands out against the deep plum colour of the slate.


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