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Community gardening is not just about a beautiful space, but also about nurturing relationships to keep the community alive. In order to build community spirit, the groups chosen each year are supported by organisations throughout Scotland, to help build not only a local community but also a greater Scottish community.

Scottish Natural Heritage
SNH’s vision is for local communities in Scotland to exercise greater influence over shaping the decisions affecting the management, understanding and enjoyment of their local natural heritage and, if they wish, to play a more active role in its practical management.

In 2008, SNH were particularly drawn to supporting the Organic Growers of Fairlie (OGF). The OGF use eco-friendly methods in their raised bed allotment scheme, which is located on a redundant brown field site. One major feature is the use of wormeries to compost food waste and then using the worm casts to feed their gardens.

For more information, you can visit the SNH Communities web page or the Organic Growers of Fairlie website.

If you have a community group and are interested in making a community garden, please Apply to Us. You can also find out more information about past community gardens by checking out our Community Garden Factsheets.